In times of crisis and disaster or in response to chronic poverty, malnutrition and critical need, World Children's Fund ships large forty-foot containers filled with relief supplies to suffering people all around the globe. WCF has supplied humanitarian relief to Afghanistan, Argentina, Botswana, Burkina Faso, China, Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Liberia, Macedonia, Malawi, Malaysia, Moldova, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Sudan, South Sudan, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, Vietnam, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

According to Doug Kendrick, World Children's Fund International Program Director, the continent of Africa receives the largest amount of relief aid from World Children's Fund. "We are grateful to donors from around the world, who make this possible," said World Children's founder, Dr. Joseph Lam. "In many of the countries where we are working, you can save a child's life for less than a dollar a day! You can imagine what an impact this relief aid is making."

Typical relief shipments include clothing, food, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and vitamins. However, some of the shipments include emergency supplies such as blankets, crisis kits and food rations, as well as school supplies, vehicles, farm equipment and wheelchairs.