Compassion is a universal language we can all speak. Bring life and hope to suffering children around the globe. Take action! Make a difference right now. Be an advocate. Be an Ambassador for World Children's Fund. Spread the word. Tell others about our programs. Share the World Children's Fund vision with family, friends and co-workers. Be the change you want to see!

Fundraise for World Children's Fund

We have had groups and individuals host garden parties, dinners and other events to raise funds for projects and programs. Other ideas? Help a child organize a fundraiser at school and raise awareness of the plight of suffering children around the world. Kids can be powerful philanthropists! There are many different ways to participate and raise funds - and have fun in the process! Contact us to learn more!

Always, drop us an email to let us know how we're doing. -or share a great idea!

Donate now

Some programs featured on our websites are grant based and may no longer be part of our current funding budget. If you are interested in finding out more about supporting a specific program, please contact the WCF office nearest to you.